Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies

Written by Victor Ramayrat on Mar 25, 2009

I am currently blogging in the Fresno State's University Business Center while attending the webinar from the folks at "The Chronicle of Philanthrophy".  I am tweeting too (follow @socient).   Here's a quick list from the webinar:

List of Fund-raising strategies for a bad economy:

  1. Ask your donors to expand their giving.
  2. Hold onto your donors; pay special attention to older people who gives regularly.
  3. Reassess all of your fund raising approaches
  4. Provide creative, meaningful feedback and engage donors in new ways
  5. Make sure your cause fits into efforts to meet social needs
  6. Ask donors how the economy affects their charitable plans
  7. Seek monthly gifts
  8. Improve donor records
  9. Collaborate with similar organizations on fund raising and marketing