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You want to make the world a better place? Tell your story so others could help. We'll take care of the 'how-to' technical details of scaling that online.

About Us

At Socient, we start with asking "How could we help you?" Then we define your goals and lay out a strategic plan on how to achieve them.

When you enegage our team, you are not just hiring a designer, a developer, or a growth marketer. Instead you will work with a proven partner who is adept not only in building a modern digital marketing stack, but also in automating several of the early client touches (in marketing speak - 'top of funnel'), with the end goal of personalizing your messaging to a highly qualified lead --- which could be your customer, a future donor, a rockstar volunteer, or your biggest evangelist.

Who We Are

Socient is a digital and growth marketing agency for social enterprises and non-profits located in California. We work as a distributed team and that we do not have the burden of expenses associated with operating a physical location. We are available to chat via Skype or Google Meet. If you are in the Bay Area, we could also have a quick meeting over lunch.

We specialize in building modern marketing and growth tech stack so you can scale and automate your top-of-funnel marketing efforts, whether that be social, content, SEO, or influencer marketing.

Growth Build Process

1. Client Engagement

We meet and review your organization goals to ensure that we are the right fit.

2. Account Management

We set you up with our project management system to track progress and milestones.

3. Research

We look at your target market, analyze websites and industry, and dive into your analytics.

4. UI/Visual Design

We mockup visual design and UI based on wireframes. We refine the designs based on your feedback.

5. Architect and Build

We architect then build your digital presence. We integrate your digital assets into a content management system along with third-party marketing automation tools and analytics.

6. Analytics

We measure the progress and define success based on metrics you've defined. We can implement A/B testing and add additional lead and user nurturing tactics on the fly.

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